Silos and storage systems

The silos manufactured by Marobera have the experience mark of 30 years activity

The automated product storage allows a great process efficiency as well as to bring full guarantees for an uninterrupted production

Our developments cover a wide range of forms and capacities, always focused on the specific product storage perfection, either pastas, grains, legumes, coffee, frozen food, sweeties, powders, flours, plastics, containers, etc…

Technical details

  • Each silo can store one or some products and any of the silos can feed to any filler by a fully automated process
  • The silos can be manufactured in carbon iron or stainless steel. The storage capacity will depend on clients needs and factory dimensions where to be installed
  • Our technical office will develop your ideal project according to your specific technical parameters
  • Silos feeding and discharge can be made by bucket elevators/conveyors or by belt conveyors, depending on the product to be transported and stored and to the space availability.
  • Marobera can bring you a turn-key project where a simple button, will make your life easy and pleasant

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